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Other Services

Linguistic and official services

Along with superior translation and interpretation services in over 130 languages, the Keleny Translation Company provides many other linguistic and official services.


Commissioner of Oaths and Notarial Services:

  • Swearing-in of witnesses
  • Sworn depositions
  • Certified witnessing of signatures
  • Other Linguistic Services
  • Revision of texts and translations
  • Transcription with translation service

We can help prepare affidavits, notarized documents, and sworn statements, to be used, for example, to replace lost and otherwise irreplaceable documents:

  • Birth, marriage, or death certificates
  • Government or police records and certificates
  • Letters of reference
  • Education transcripts
  • Medical reports

Complete text treatment services and much more!

The Keleny Translation Company also provides complete text treatment services, from proofreading to detailed editing and even composition. Our team of talented linguistic experts can proofread, and if necessary, correct previously translated or original texts.

The Keleny Translation Company has six decades of experience working with all types of written materials.

Public relations – advertising, and marketing material – Scientific, medical, and technical content – Judicial and legal texts – Financial and business correspondence – Speeches –  presentations