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Interpretation Services

Consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services

The Keleny Translation Company is a premium provider of consecutive and simultaneous conference interpretation services to individuals, as well as to a wide range of organizations in the public and private sectors. Our interpreters are fluent in more than 130 languages, including ASL and LSQ (sign languages). They are trained professionals: friendly, courteous and discreet. Our interpretation services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, on as little as two hours notice (extra charges apply for these emergency provisions).

Keleny interpreters are members of the Association of Legal Court Interpreters and Translators, and are bound by a comprehensive confidentiality agreement. Recognized for our professional ethics and ability to deliver ‘any-language’ services on demand, the Keleny Company has served Montreal Police Department (SPVM) for over 16 years and the Municipal Court of Montreal for over 40 years.

With 1,200-plus experienced interpreters in our network, we can meet most specialized requirements. Our interpreters are comfortable in most settings. At the Keleny Company, we speak your language.

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is when the speaker and the interpreter speak alternately. Traditionally seen in the courtroom, the demand for consecutive interpretation is increasing steadily; language barriers can present themselves in business surroundings or during something as routine as a doctor’s appointment. We can help ensure clear communication between participants.

We understand the highly confidential nature of your information–personal, financial, legal or sensitive business matters–and we respect our bond of confidentiality without fail.

Court Proceedings
Financial Discussions
Immigration Hearings
Insurance Adjustments
Medical Assessments

Business Conferences
Trade Shows

Simultaneous Interpretation

When it is impractical to frequently interrupt the speaker, simultaneous interpretation is the preferred choice. With simultaneous (or conference) interpretation, the speaker continues uninterrupted while the interpreter listens and relays the message to the audience. In large-scale situations, teams of two, three, or more interpreters, using specialized audio equipment, work in sound-proof booths. In small settings, the interpreter may whisper in the listener’s ear.

The Keleny Translation Company provides state-of-the-art conference interpretation systems and we have simultaneous interpreters proficient in sign language