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Translation Services

Expertise in a wide range of specialties

More than 130 languages; pin-point localization; 1,200-plus retained language specialists; ”any-language” service on demand: The Keleny Translation Company is prepared to meet all your translation needs. We provide flexible, quick and accurate services while maintaining the highest level of confidentiality. We adhere to a strict code of professional ethics and take pride in having earned our clients’ trust and respect.

During our 60 years in business, we have translated almost every kind of document and text. Our translators’ expertise in a wide range of specialties ensures the use of correct client- or industry-specific terminology and language.

Our translation project managers oversee all aspects of your translation. The Keleny Translation Company provides regular and certified, official translations.

Keleny translators are members of the Association of Legal Court Interpreters and Translators, and are independently bound by a comprehensive confidentiality agreement.

Business – Commercial – Financial Government – Health Sciences – Judicial – Legal – Medical – Public Relations & Advertising – Scientific – Technical

Commercial Translation

Communicate clearly and correctly with your clients. At the Keleny Translation Company, we work closely with you to make this possible. To further enhance message clarity, we excel in pin-point regional language specificity: the localization of languages and dialects where regional differences exist. We provide your target audience with information they will understand in their own language.

We are accomplished in all aspects of the marketing mix and have experience with most electronic and print media. Translator fitting, professional editing and in-house proofing make for consistently high-quality translations.

Annual Reports
Business Plans
Consumer Product Descriptions
Employee Manuals
Financial Documents
Legal Documentation
Marketing Material

Bills of Lading
Birth Certificates
Documents of Civil Status

Legal Translation

At The Keleny Translation Company, we have six decades of experience translating all types of documents in the legal/judicial domain. We have strong ties to the Quebec Superior Court, and as the exclusive supplier to the Montreal Municipal Court and the Montreal Police (SPVM), our credibility and fidelity are assured.

Our specialized translators are knowledgeable in the subtleties of legal language and well-versed in diverse variety of legal, commercial and judicial documents.


Medical translation

Our medical and health sciences language experts have a wide range of education and experience within these fields. They regularly translate many types of materials, ranging from medical reports to planning for hospitals to veterinary science documentation.

We currently serve governments, hospitals and medical suppliers.


Best Practices
Case Studies
Clinical Trials
Instruction Manuals
Medical Reports
Product Monographs
Quality Management Systems

Avionics Plans
Engineering Documentation
Mechanical Drawings
Process Descriptions

Technical Translation

Our 1,200-plus language experts have studied and trained in many technical disciplines, from aeronautics to welding.

Our project managers pair our translators certified proficiencies with the project’s area of specialization.

We understand the need for clear and comprehensible language, without sacrificing accuracy and detail.